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Powerstart Xpress

Accesses all the sugars available in grass…


Grass contains two types of sugar – simple and complex.? Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose are simple sugars and Fructan is a complex sugar.? In normal conditions over 50% of the sugars in grass are complex and in poor conditions they can make up to 85%.


The bacteria in Powerstart, AberF1, can access 100% of both the simple and complex sugars.? The AberF1 bacteria convert a portion of the sugar in the grass solely into lactic acid.



Improves fermentation…


The speed of a Powerstart fermentation means that more of the quality nutrients are conserved and ammonia levels are negligible.

This formation efficiency means more sugar is preserved for the cow to benefit from and because the only product of the fermentation is lactic acid, intake potential is maximised.


The result is…


Cows love to eat Powerstart treated silage!

They eat more and perform better, both in terms of production and reproduction.

Easy to use and ready for application in just a few hours…


  • Add water at 35C and cover, then just two and a half hours later, Powerstart Xpress is ready to use.
  • Powerstart Xpress is available in packs to treat 150 and 300 tonnes of forage.
  • Delivered direct to your farm.



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