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Valiant Barrier & Valiant Versatile

Valiant Barrier and Valiant Versatile are premium udder care products which contain a unique and highly effective combination of anti-bacterial agents, providing up to nine hours of protection for your cows.


Both are designed to be used after milking. Valiant Versatile has all of the chemical properties of Barrier without the physical barrier. This means Valiant Versatile can be sprayed or dipped post milking and so it fits almost every system and farm without compromising anti-bacterial efficacy. Both Barrier & Versatile are vibrant green in colour and therefore easy to see on cows teats.










High level prolonged kill…

The unique combination of Chlorine Dioxide and a blended Lactic Acid System (LAS) give both an aggressive instant kill and then a prolonged high level killing action.










Variable viscosity and capilary action…


In addition to the two antibacterial agents, Barrier puts a robust but flexible physical coating over the teat.

1. Variable viscosity enables it to flow like a liquid then cling like a syrup.

2.?Thinning while it travels over the teat surface, it gets into all the nooks and crannies leaving bacteria nowhere?to hide.

3. Thickening as soon as the cup is withdrawn, it results in better coverage and less waste.

4. When teats are dipped within 30 seconds of the cluster being removed, superb capilary action can draw the dip 10mm up into the teat end, providing a chemical and physical protection.

5. Teats are left smooth and supple, with less contours to harbour harmful bacteria.

Valiant Barrier is available in 20 litres.

Valiant Versatile is available in 20 and 200 litres.


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