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Genus ABS, the world’s largest breeding company, has had a fantastic set of results in the UK’s latest proof run.141104-02   Knowlesmere Dambuster Minda

David Guthrie, Dairy Product Manager for Genus ABS, comments, “The latest sire proofs have provided our customers with a superb line up of proven bulls. We have twenty sires in the UK Productive Life Index (PLI) list out of the top fifty with Laurelhill Classic claiming the number two position. Classic is our top PLI sire at £542, increasing by a huge £47 PLI since August, as well as increasing by 0.1 in Lifespan and 1.5 points in Fertility Index.


We also have twelve out of the top fifty in the UK for Type Merit, with Bossman, Curtis and Destry in the top ten. We have sixteen out of the top fifty sires in the genomic production ranking in the UK, with Mr Miguel taking the number four spot.”


Genus ABS have also released five new graduates from the December proofs, David comments,

Ladys-Manor G Dominic, a Dorcy x EX90 Goldwyn x EX90 Freelance x EX94 2E Rudolph. He is a high type Dorcy son from the fantastic Ruby Jen family at Ladys-Manor. He exhibits 3.70 Type, 3.30 Mammary and 2.99 Legs and Feet. Dominic will add value to your milk with positive components, while reducing Somatic Cell Counts.


Gehrke Johansson EP Dion, a Planet x VG87 Oman x EX Aaron x EX92 Patron, from the world famous Dellia cow family. He scores £463 for PLI, with over 570kg of milk and positive protein %. Fertility is excellent at +4.8, alongside sky high type with average stature.


Pine-Tree Planet Muster, a Planet x VG87 Outside x EX92 Rudolph x EX90 Elton. He sires fantastic health and fertility with balanced type and a no-holes linear. Muster hails from the same family as the world renowned sires Silver, MVP and Maximum.


Farnear Haddy, a Mac x EX91 Ramos x VG86 BW Marshal. He is an outcross sire with extreme daughter fertility that ticks all the boxes for management traits, from the same family as the great Wa-del Hayden.


Bulls from UK herds have ranked really well in this proof run. We have launched a fantastic sire from Northern Ireland; Relough Dambuster. He is a Hayden X EX90 Goldwyn x EX95 4E Dante X EX94 2E Rudolph, the first proven sire from the renowned Danna family. He is a great bull for heifers with superb components and will be available on the Cornerstone Breeding Club offer.


David continues, ‘We now have an unprecedented 12 genomic bulls over £600 gPLI who includes the number 4 available sire Mr Miguel, who will also be available sexed in the near future. Of these 12 bulls they are bred from 11 different sires and 9 different maternal grand sires, helping to increase the genetic diversity of the group”.


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