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Moorsley Future front 3quarter 2Moorsley Future has been put through the rigorous testing of the Genus ABS calving survey. The calving survey collects data from farmers in the UK who use Genus ABS young bull semen, it asks farmers a number of questions and then this data is used to formulate a beef sires proof. Arwel Owen, Genus ABS Beef Manager, comments “Future’s proof is based on 153 calving’s in 138 herds across the UK, meaning he has been tested on a farm near you, and you can have the confidence in the reliability of the bull’s data”.



“Future has some great breeding behind him which include the British blue calf quality and calving ease specialist, Moorsley Anderson, and the 250,000 unit selling Springfield Patrice. It is very rare to find a beef sire which excels in so many different areas. Future boasts short gestations, calving ease and calf quality which is a truly unique combination. Calves are born easily and grow rapidly to make market topping quality calves” continues Mr Owen.


“Some of the proof highlights of Future are short gestations of 280 days, a staggering three days less than average, which means cows are back in the parlour milking and making farmer’s money much faster than if farmers used the average British blue sire. Based on £5 per day this could mean £15 additional income per cow.”


(?Picture: Moorsley Future X Holstein from A & J Whittaker, Shropshire.

Sold privately for £450 at six weeks old.)Future Blue X Holstein 038-small

An important trait for any beef sire to be used in the dairy herd is calving ease. Calving ease is intrinsically linked with problems after calving, the easier calving a sire, the more likely the cow is to go on after calving without a problem. Mr Owen comments, “The British blue breed when used on dairy cows average is a score of 100 (BSI) and Future has a phenomenal score of 130 (BSI) for calving ease making him a true calving ease sire.”

“Usually when we see a beef bull which boasts short gestations and great calving ease we would expect to see a compromise in calf quality, but Future calves are some of the best British blue calves around. Future has come through with one of the highest calf quality scores we have seen in recent years. Future calves are born easily and grow on at tremendous rate.


Future is simply the perfect Blue sire to cross on to the dairy herd. If you are interested in high quality calves that will be born easily from short gestations lengths then look no further than Moorsley Future who is guaranteed to breed calves that will top a market near you!”, concludes Mr Owen.


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