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The legacy of Catlane CHAD lives on as his sons stamp their mark on the Genus ABS stud.


Genus ABS is home to the most powerful offering of Friesian sires worldwide, and Catlane Chad stands at the forefront of this. As the highest ranking Friesian sire ever for PLI at £496, Chad is a bull that needs little introduction. He has been a highly influential and popular choice on farms throughout the UK, being the number one sire of pedigree Friesian calves over the past couple of years.


It is always Genus ABS’ aim to give customers access to the latest and best genetics, “We are incredibly excited to be adding outstanding Chad sons to our Friesian sire line up, Peartree Bryster and Beaufort Kabana burst onto the scene with exceptional figures. We are delighted to see them at the top of the rankings alongside their sire,” comments Larissa Jones, Genus ABS Dairy Product Manager.


Peartree Bryster is the number one genomic Friesian for PLI available in the UK, offering high milk (290kg) and weights of fat (17.2kg) and protein (15.0kg) without compromising on percentages. Bryster is also easy calving, with low SCC and very good daughter fertility.


“Bryster is bred from an excellent cow family in Rob Perry’s Peartree herd, his EX90 dam is milking in her seventh lactation and his grand dam is carrying her ninth calf” comments Genus ABS Dairy Breeding Specialist, Bill Foster.


Beaufort Kabana combines high milk quality with excellent type figures. He has low SCC, excellent daughter fertility and is a calving ease sire.


“Kabana’s dam, Rodbrook Katja 17th, was recently classified EX94 and gave 12,089kgs milk in 305days at 5.53% fat and 3.32% protein in her fifth lactation” continues Bill.

Bryster and Kabana exemplify the Friesian breed and are testament to the great Chad, promising to improve herds with fertile, long-lasting, efficient and easy-to-manage cows.


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