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Genus plc Introduces Genus IntelliGen? Technologies


Genus plc, a global pioneer in animal genetics, today launches Genus IntelliGen? Technologies, a new technology unit within the Genus organisation. IntelliGen, formerly known as Genus Sexed Semen, is the global brand behind the technology that enabled Genus ABS Global to launch Sexcel? Sexed Genetics in September.


“The introduction of IntelliGen Technologies is in strong alignment with the Genus mission of pioneering animal genetic improvement to help nourish the world,” said Karim Bitar, Genus plc CEO. “The availability of IntelliGen Technologies to the bovine market has the potential to transition the industry globally.


The IntelliGen Technologies process to develop sexed bovine genetics does not subject cells to the high pressures, electric currents and shear forces used in other sexed semen processes. The result is a product that helps customers maximize their profitability and reach their end goals in a fast and efficient manner.


For example, the launch of Sexcel in India last month now helps dairy farmers add more females to their herd and increase the supply of high quality and safe milk. Bull calves, while unwanted by the producer, are considered sacred in the Hindu religion and therefore cannot be sent for slaughter. This results in an overpopulation of unwanted bovines and economic hardship on producers.


“Our technology was carefully designed to offer a unique and innovative solution,” said Jesús Martínez, IntelliGen Technologies Global Director. “This type of innovation will ultimately help farmers provide milk to their children and their country.”


The availability of IntelliGen Technologies to others in the industry creates a competitive marketplace for sexed genetics technology, something that did not exist until recently. For more information on Genus IntelliGen Technologies, go to สล็อตฟรีwww.genusplc.com.


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