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Genus ABS announce the graduation of 15 new sires to their line-up following the August proof run, with two new Proven graduates, nine new Genomic sires and four new Sexed sires.


Genus ABS is excited to introduce the Number One genomic Friesian sire – Peartree Bryster to their line-up, “Peartree Bryster is the new number one genomic Friesian sire with a PLI of £374. Bryster combines high yields of milk, fat and protein with positive percentages and very good scores for health and fitness traits. He is a son of Catlane Chad and is bred from an excellent cow family in Rob Perry’s Peartree herd,” comments Genus ABS Dairy Breeding Specialist, Bill Foster.


Also joining the Genus ABS stud are two Proven Holstein graduates which were top selling Genomic bulls. Seagull-Bay Silver joined Genus ABS as a genomic bull and now graduates as a proven sire.? “This globally renowned superstar has been extremely popular around the world where daughters are really impressing dairy farmers with many high-ranking progeny.? Silver daughters have proven to be extremely stylish with superb mammary systems and impressive production. Silver is the only proven sire in the world to offer his impressive amount of +2.8 Type & +700 Kg’s milk”, comments Larissa Jones, Genus ABS Dairy Product Manager.


Relough Danumero graduates from the UK Cornerstone Breeding Programme.? This proven sire offers an extremely impressive £500 PLI with +2.5 Type and exceptional Fat and Protein deviations. Andrew Rutter, Genus ABS Breeding Programme Manager, comments, “We are incredibly excited to launch Relough Danumero.? He stems from a superb cow family expertly bred by the McLean family in Northern Ireland.? Nine generations of EX or VG back him, noted for high lifetime yields, great components and fantastic udders.? Danumero rates as one of the highest type bulls to come out of the UK, noted for superbly attached udders including extra teat length and great mobility.? This high health trait sire also boasts serious component percentages, critical for so many of today’s milk contracts.



K & L BO Darwin is another UK Cornerstone graduate and is the only sire in the world to offer his exceptional amount of over £700 PLI, +0.11 Fat%, +0.12% Protein and +6 Daughter Fertility. Darwin is also A2/A2 and 5* TransitionRight. Darwin traces back through to Dellia cow family which has been highly successful over the years. He is full brother to the former number three RZG female in Europe.? “Darwins dam is performing really well in the Visstein herd with a super veined and textured udder and plenty of strength and robustness. Her protein is really quite special, a trait she has certainly transmitted to her progeny”, comments Andrew Rutter.


Image below: Daughter of Silver –?Halloverhill Silver Chanade



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