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Genus ABS are pleased to announce the launch of their new ‘Beef Cornerstone Breeding Club’, an exciting new programme that will enable dairy farmers to have exclusive access to the latest in beef sire genetics for crossing onto their dairy herd, including bulls which are the sons of leading Proven Genus ABS beef sires.


Following the success of its Dairy Cornerstone Programme, Genus ABS has now launched a similar offering for their Dairy customers using beef sires to cross on to the lower end of their herd. Mark Smith, EMEA Beef Director states “Beef Cornerstone facilitates the testing of Genus ABS young beef sires through their Beef Calving Survey Programme in the UK. The programme enables Genus ABS to provide reliably proven sires that deliver and meet their customers’ needs. Each year, in the region of 20 young beef sires are tested, and this number continues to grow annually, with the programme already having over 800 customers in the UK actively testing beef sires who are keen to be the first to access the genetics of the future”.


The Beef Cornerstone Breeding Club also pays homage to Genus ABS’ understanding of the importance of testing beef sires on dairy cows. Identifying young beef bulls which have the potential to transmit the desired traits in a beef sire, can be done using EBV data, however this only relates to data collected on beef cows and is often based on small data sets with low reliability. Genus ABS therefore chooses to identify their elite beef sires for use on dairy cows by gathering significant data sets through their Calving Survey, the same survey which also provides sires with a ‘proven status’ and through which hundreds of beef sires have been tested over the past 40 years.


By joining the Beef Cornerstone Breeding Club, not only will you gain access to the latest in Genus ABS beef genetics, but you will also receive a free Beef Cornerstone jacket upon sign up, and the opportunity to receive an automatic credit for each Calving Survey form completed and returned to Genus ABS on a dairy cow.


To enquire further about Beef Cornerstone membership please contact our Cornerstone Team on 0870 162 2000, or alternatively you can speak to your local Genus ABS representative. More information on our Beef Cornerstone Breeding Club and current offering of beef sires can be found สล็อตฟรีhere.




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