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ABS, part of Genus plc, is proud to celebrate its 75th anniversary year in 2016. Genus acquired ABS global in 1999 and this helped make Genus ABS the world leader in bovine genetics, offering customers around the world access to the very best genetics, technology and expertise.


“We would like to thank all of our customers globally for their support. This milestone is testament to our commitment to continued innovation and to the future of the company, our customers and the industry. We have provided innovative solutions, new technology and a committed service to our farmer customers, which is thanks to the dedication, passion and hard work from our employees. We are proud of our heritage and want everyone to celebrate with us,” comments Andrew Thompson, EMEA Regional Director.


ABS was founded in 1941, becoming part of the Genus plc business in 1999 and operating under the brand name Genus ABS in the UK. One of ABS’ proudest moments is the introduction of frozen semen in 1953, followed by the development of the first storage container for frozen semen using liquid nitrogen. These major milestones completely transformed the way the animal genetics industry operates. Genus ABS was also first to the market with a computerised mating programme – GMS (Genetic Management Systems). In the late 1990’s the fertility solution, Reproductive Management Systems (RMS), was introduced as a systematic approach to maximising pregnancy production. Over the years, Genus ABS has brought industry-changing genetic progress to its customers – including the global iconic sire Picston Shottle – considered one of the industry’s most influential animals. Genus ABS has been at the forefront of providing products and services to help its customers profit from genetic progress.


Innovation continues to be our driving force at Genus ABS. Most recently, we have made headlines by introducing TransitionRight? genetics – a revolutionary proprietary index that helps customers prevent costly transition cow health issues.


“It is a very exciting time to be leading the ABS team. Not only are we celebrating a major milestone that most organizations never get to experience, we are also positioning ourselves to lead profit-focused genetic improvement for the dairy and beef industries,” said Saskia Korink, ABS Global Chief Operating Officer. “As we look to the future, our focus will be on providing the next generation of genetic tools that will improve herd profitability—and everything we do will align with that customer promise.”


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