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The Genus ABS UK Cornerstone breeding programme has launched a group of exceptional sires this August sire proof run. These sires aim to improve those traits that add value to dairy farmer’s bottom lines.


As a group the UK tested sires increase fat and protein percentages, overall milk volume, they will reduce calving interval through an improved fertility index and they will also improve overall longevity.


Relough DUSTIN hails from the Danna family from the Relough herd in Northern Ireland. He is an extreme fat, protein improver and fertility improver.


Warnelview REWARD is an exciting new graduate to the Genus ABS line up. His daughters are particularly admired by Progeny Evaluator, Philip Dobson, “Reward is a newly proven calving ease sire. He is a Gerard son from the Ruby cow family in Cumbria with exceptionally high type and outstanding production traits in every box”.


Amighetti Moman TIMETE is yet another exceptional all round improver. Andrew Rutter, UK Sire Analyst, comments, “Timete boasts beautiful udders, outstanding fertility and longevity and serious component percentages. Timete scores 4-stars on our new TransitionRight? ranking, which means that daughters are pre-disposed to better transition health”.


Alongside the exceptional UK Graduates there are five super graduates from the US. Larcrest CASUAL, a son from Larcrest Crimson, excels for lifespan (+0.5), Fertility Index (+2.5), low cell counts (-25 SCC) and is high type with a complete milk profile. Casual also scores 4-stars for TransitionRight?.


No-Fla HURST is an incredibly exciting new graduate with exceptional all round improvement. He scores +£449 for PLI, a score that is built from his milk, fat and protein improvement and all-round health and fitness improvement for easy to manage, fertile cows. Alongside all of these credentials he is also a Type improver. Hurst excels as a 5-star TransitionRight sire, his daughters have the highest possible rating for their ability to go through the transition period with the fewest health problems.


De-Su Tyro is a superb Trigger son from an Offroad, making it an usual sire stack for the market place. He transmits improvement for Milk (+494 kg’s), Type (+2.92), lifespan (+0.4) and fertility (3.6).


The final new graduate is a Type focused sire, he is a red carrier Destry son from the famous show cow, Debeau Dundee Hezbollah, St-Jacob Destry HEZTRY. As you would expect, he is a tremendous Type improver. However, differently from many other sires on the market, he is a huge fertility improver at +7.4 fertility index.”


Genus ABS has also launched the revolutionary new index TransitionRight? this is an index that identifies those genetics that are pre-disposed to transition the best. for more information on this, please view this short video.


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